13 January 2010


I didn't forget I was going to blog dinners, I just temporarily forgot yesterday. So here are three nights of dinners: last night, tonight, and tomorrow:

Tuesday: We had two kinds of veggie curries with rice and yogurt. One was chickpea curry (my favorite!) and the other was lentils with the leftover sweet potatoes and swiss chard from the other night. I didn't have high hopes for the leftovers curry, but it turned out to be the better of the two.

Wednesday: Today I went to 99 Ranch, so tonight pretty much had to have an Asian flair. After staring at the incredibly cheap pre-fried tofu at Ranch 99, I still came home and fried my own. We had Golden Tofu, string beans in plum sauce, and thinly sliced Kobe beef that had marinated in Mirin, ginger, and soy. There are enough leftovers here that I am contemplating a pretty interesting fried rice.

Thursday: Dinner out with friends! Gives me plenty of time to figure out what to do for Friday.

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