16 January 2010

Fried Rice and Roasted Grape Tomatoes

I haven't done too much cooking this weekend so far, but I have had some successes. Yesterday I made a great fried rice out of leftovers. I was inspired, in part, by the memory of a great rice dish at Tamarine in Palo Alto which is served with an egg perched right on top.
I took leftover rice and added it to leftover beef and tofu (which I had sliced into thin strips) and then added fresh bean sprouts, pea shoots, and carrots. I fried it all together quickly, and then topped it with a poached egg. This is probably the yummiest thing I have made in awhile. For once the leftovers were actually quite a bit better than the original meal.

Tonight for dinner we had one of those meals where basically I put out a bunch of tasty things (like cheese, avocado, spinach salad, bread, etc.) and we basically snack. One of my favorite things to add to this are slow-roasted grape or cherry tomatoes. They are quite easy to make, and are a great way to use tomatoes that don't look like they are going to live up to your expectations otherwise.

I take a pack or two of tomatoes, toss them lightly in olive oil and a little salt, and put them in a roasting pan. I then turn on the toaster oven to 225, pop them in, and leave them there for 2.5 hours. Probably they would make a great soup or sauce, but I don't have the patience to process them further. I like to eat them with goat cheese and bread.

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