02 May 2009

Saint-Nectaire Apple Tart

As mentioned in my previous post, we have a lot of delicious cheese at the moment. I was told that Saint-Nectaire melted well. I had been hanging on to the idea of a simpe apple tart for sometime after reading Pim's no-recipe apple tart. I usually have apples and a pie crust, but I didn't get around to making anything until I got what is, clearly, the missing ingredient: french cheese.
I followed Pim's recipe, except between the apples and the crust there is a thin layer of sliced Saint-Nectaire.  As you can see, this cheese bubbled up nicely between the apple slices. I was worried I would get a soggy bottom due to the cheese, but it all worked out fine.

This turned out to be a more savory tart than a sweet one. The apples add a nice bit of tart and sweet, but the cheese is really the main player. I think this might also have been good with a bit of honey baked on top.

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