13 May 2009

Saint-Nectaire and Potato Tart

Flushed with success from the apple tarts (I ended up making two) I decided to tackle Saint-Nectaire and potatoes. Everything I read suggested it goes well with potatoes. My one reservation was that nearly every time I have tried to combine cheese and potatoes I have failed. Either terrible things happen to the potatoes (too raw) or bad things happen to the cheese (cheese separates into a clumpy mess.) 

A tart turned out to be more or less the answer to my previous potatoes au gratin woes. I combined a pie crust, sliced potatoes that had been boiled in milk and thyme, carmelized onions, and, of course, the cheese. It came out nicely. I think I could have layered on the potatoes a little more thinly, which would have shown off the crust a bit more, and would have led to a browner, tastier crust. Other improvements would have been adding some bacon, or to swapping out the crust with a puff pastry. But basically it was pretty tasty.

I have one more substantial hunk of cheese left. I am debating whether I should just eat it plain, or if there is another recipe I should try.

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