12 April 2008

The Perfect Cocktail

I plan to spend this summer looking for the perfect hot weather drink. Since it was 98 degrees today, I think it is reasonable to say my summer cocktail season has begun! I would like to illustrate all of these, so hope to update this post soon. But in the meantime, here is my initial Summer 2008 entry.  (Note, I am using a small tumbler, but I imagine these measurements would work fine on a 32-ounce slurpee cup too. Just depends on how thirsty you are.)

2 fingers of Campari
2 fingers of grapefruit juice (at the moment I am in love with Simply Juice, which seems to be some sort of ruby-red grapefruit juice.)
A splash (or more) of tonic
Lots of ice

This is a fairly non-sweet drink, which I think is key for summer-time happiness. Save the sweet stuff for the dead of winter!

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