15 April 2008

Vortex of Doom

One of my WoW chars was sucked into a mysterious Vortex of Doom. 

I had just arrived in ORG from UC, and was trying to send some mail from in front of the bank in ORG. Suddenly I was booted off the server! When I logged back on, I briefly appeared to be in free-fall above Eastern Plaguelands. I saw what looked like 30 other chars falling with me. Then I died.

After a few seconds, I appeared above a vortex (pictured at right) which (according to the map) was above the Hinterlands. HOWEVER, I was still in Orgrimmar chat channel. I fell into this Vortex over and over again. All the while, I attempted to fill out a help ticket. Occasionally, folks would appear over me and would also appear to fall into the Vortex. 

A fellow guildie rescued me by joining our group into Warsong Gulch, which both restored my life AND removed me from permanent free-fall above Aerie Point, or whatever part of the Hinterlands I was really falling over.

I can speculate that I was bounced off the server and that when I logged back on, it couldn't quite figure out where I was. When WoW guessed, it assumed a position I had been in several minutes earlier, which was in the air in a Zeppelin. Since no Zeppelin was there at the moment, WoW assumed I must be falling. Again, this is all speculation. 

Anyone else ever been in the Vortex?

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