01 April 2008

Food in Transit

Today buttonwillowsix got an e-mail about Delta's EATS program, which got me thinking about food and transit. More to the point: why is it often so bad? Airplane food is often ranked right up there with hospital food (and is, I suspect, often created by the same vendors.) 

Now I don't object to paying for airline food. I would happily purchase a well-made meal at exorbitant prices if it was available. What else am I to do at 10 thousand feet (aside from drink, knit, play Nintendo DS, and read?) I do understand the space and cooking constraints of an airplane galley (I lived in a NYC apartment, after all.) However, caterers make high-end food that transports well ALL THE TIME. There is decent packaged food. Really. So with this in mind, I perused the EATS menu and price list:

-Fruit and Cheese Plate. At $6 dollars, this seemed like the best possibility on the menu. Cheese holds up well, packaged crackers do too. And dried fruit. Excellent. (Note to webmaster on Delta site: that ampersand needs a space before it!)

-Cheddar, Turkey Bacon, and Apple Butter Croissant. My first thought was, wow! They forgot to put a comma between Apple, and Butter, and also between Turkey and Bacon. But no, according to the description, they really mean Apple Butter and Turkey Bacon. Or at least it would appear so. I would need to see this to believe it.

-Chicken Parmesan Sandwich: This exactly the sort of thing I get a little scared of: meat. buttonwillow doesn't like lunchmeat, and is sort of scared of mass-produced meat. If this were free (or, rather, including in the cost of the ticket) I would get it, strip off the meat and eat the bread with the cheese and whatever veg looked decent.

-Hummus with Veggies. This might be OK if the carrots don't get dried out. Again, not a bad choice. (Another note, this time to EATs personnel: I would rethink the spelling of "tapinade". It undermines my confidence in your familiarity with that sort of food.)

If anyone has an example of excellent food on some form of transportation (excepting cruise ships) please comment!

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