13 February 2010

Limp Asparagus

A few months back I bought a HUGE container of aspargus at CostCo. I lightly steamed it and made myself about 5 freezer bags worth. I thought I was being clever and thrifty. I imagined tossing it in the steamer for a few more minutes whenever I failed to have a green vegetable handy.

As it turns out, you can't freeze asparagus. Unlike peas or green beans, asparagus basically turns into mush. Like this:

I was so disappointed, I didn't touch the remaining asparagus until today, when I defrosted it to make asparagus soup. I also happened to have some frozen turkey stock, so I chopped all the asparagus, threw in some lemon juice and zest, and tossed the whole lot into the stock. I let it simmer for a half an hour. After it cooled, I puréed it all.

Here it is served with some sour cream. It was pretty good (and definitely the only use for limp asparagus that I can think of.)

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