24 February 2010

Cooking Frenzy!

My daughter and I had a cooking frenzy this weekend!

It all started because we agreed to cook and deliver dinner on Saturday for a family that needs a little extra help at the moment. We picked a simple menu: steamed broccoli, mashed potatoes, gravy, and meatballs. Mashed potatoes and meatballs are already in my daughter's cooking repetoire, so she was easily able to shoulder some of the work.

While I was prepping everything, I started thinking about her request for a cheesecake. I happened to have the ingredients for a ricotta cheesecake, so I got that started too. As a result, at one point I had all four burners AND the oven going. When we came back home later that day after running errands, I could scarcely believe it was time now to start cooking again, this time for our dinner.

My daughter so liked our cooking on Saturday, that she decided she wanted to make something herself on Sunday, from start to finish. She decided on soup, I suspect because there is a lot of good stirring and chopping involved.

So Sunday I taught her how to make a basic mirepoix, dice an onion (she made me take a close-up), peel garlic, sweat the vegetables, make some broth, and use the submersion blender. She ended the morning with a white bean and garlic soup!


Gudrun from Kitchen Gadget Girl said...

wahoo! You have a budding chef on your hands. Does this also translate into trying new foods? And, when will she take over dinner making entirely? :-)

buttonwillowsix said...

I think it will help her try new foods, but I think the making dinner alone thing will take awhile. :)