26 August 2009

Flight of the Ladybugs

After writing about my first produce, I noticed that there were a few aphids on my plant. And then I noticed a few more. And then, finally, there were THOUSANDS, eating my plants, and sliming all over them. Gross!

The solution (I hope) is the pack of ladybugs I bought at Ace Hardware earlier today. There were more than 100 ladybugs in the pack. Here they are, munching away at the aphids.


buttonwillowsix said...

OK, it is several hours later. Many of the ladybugs have disappeared, but I am hoping the ones remaining are enough to eat the aphids that live on my balcony.

I suppose that the ones that flew off will eat the aphids on nearby balconies. After all, that must be where those aphids came from, right?

buttonwillowsix said...

It is some time later and I think probably only 2-3 ladybugs live on my balcony. Still, I think that for the most part it was a successful de-aphid-ing. I would definitely do it again, although next time I would be prepared for the way the bugs swarm out of the container. :)