26 August 2008

Curried Cauliflower Fritters

I have wanted to make these Jamie Oliver curried cauliflower fritters for a long time, and finally gave it a test run tonight. I was a little worried because I don't have much experience with deep-frying, cauliflower, or self-rising flour. In fact, the only major ingredient I am very familiar with was the beer.

I was worried that I didn't smash the spices enough. I was worried it wouldn't be spicy enough, and that the cumin seeds would be unpleasantly crunchy. But I think the black mustard seeds looked very pretty in the batter, so decided to leave them a little rough. The batter turned out to be nicely spiced, with a little zing from the chilis (I used dried chili flakes, instead of fresh, which worked out just fine) and no noticeably distinct seeds.

I also think I made the batter a little thicker than he recommends. He suggests that it should be the consistency of heavy cream. I went a little thicker than that because I suspected (and I think I was right) that the batter would be the most delicious part.

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Tom Aarons said...

I love cauliflower pakora and these look great! Yum!