07 April 2009

Location, Location, Location.

OK, I live in SoCal, I can definitely eat local. And for most fruits and vegetables, I have been making an effort to buy local. But I have a harder time finding some staples, like apples. Some of my apples say (cryptically) Grown in the USA. (Since Mexico is more "local" to me than much of the USA, I don't find this labeling as reassuring as the apple growers would probably like.) My other non-local food seems to come mostly from Chile and Mexico, if my sticker collection is to be believed.

I try to keep up to date on  efforts to make more foods local, like the crazy vertical farm plans, and also the more down-to-earth efforts like the high tunnels used to extend the growing season. I recently learned about Sky Vegetables. Wow, what a cool concept. I wish I had  a roof to give this a try. I especially like the idea of using supermarket (Walmart!) roofs this way.

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