10 February 2009

One Week of Food

I don't know how easy it is to get to, but try to take a look at Joao Batista's photos on Facebook. He has a series of photos of families from across the globe with what they eat in a week (he also notes what they spent.) The differences are fascinating, and they led me to wonder how a picture of a week of my food would look. 

For one thing, I think it would probably be less food (we don't have such a big family) and it would probably be a lot more expensive. But what other things might be apparent? I am tempted to try it. It reminds me of a conference paper I once heard presented about diabetes education. The presenters talked about diabetics photographing their food each day, and then bringing the photos to class. The activity made them more aware of sugars that they consumed that they had overlooked (that they consumed out of habit, and didn't always track.) If I recall correctly, they also photographed their refrigerators, which I think could also make an interesting photo-documentary.

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