26 January 2009

New Resolutions

When I started this blog last year, I had a list of resolutions. So I decided to see how they went, and to maybe revisit a few other things I accomplished or learned this year. My original list looked like this:
  • Put some of my artwork on-line and blog about stuff I care about.
  • Learn to make perfect pizza dough
  • Learn to wrap presents adequately
  • Draw more frequently. 
  • Find a farmer's market or some local food in my neighborhood
How did I do? Well, not super-well as it turns out. I do blog, but not usually about my artwork. I did get an Etsy site up, so that is something. I can't make pizza dough (although I have tried) or wrap presents well. I did OK on the Farmer's Market front, and I do also grow my own herbs. I don't draw that much, but I do take ceramics, which I have always wanted to do, so maybe that is a wash. Anyhow, I think those things are still fine things to keep on this list for this year, and I will add:

  • Try to grow rosemary without killing it
  • Make some paintings

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