28 November 2008

Bacon + Turkey

I was intrigued by this recipe on Chow. Bacon and turkey sounded nice (like a club sandwich). Since I had already had one traditional Thanksgiving, I was willing to try something new.

In the end, I didn't try the whole Chow recipe. But I did decide that wrapping my turkey breast in bacon was a good idea.  I basically roasted the turkey breast down for 2.5 hours. Then I flipped it, and cooked it breast-side up, but covered, for another hour and a half or so. After that, I covered it in bacon and cooked it uncovered for another hour. 

The bacon on top got very crispy, and the breast meat stayed very moist. I was a little worried that the bacon flavor would be overwhelming, but it just added a slightly smoky hint to the breast meat, and added a lot of oil to the drippings that I used for gravy.

The other real treat for this year's Thanksgiving cookery was using my probe thermometer (see below) for the first time. It was nice to just wait for the beep that the inside of the turkey was 165 degrees.

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