26 September 2008

Roku Love

I haven't posted on very many non-food related matters in awhile, but rest assured that I still care about other things.  I will keep this brief, mostly because it is usually a little boring to hear people talk about their personal electronics:

I love our Roku. If you have Netflix, and haven't had a chance to check it out, it is worth a look.
For very little money, you basically get a pretty good "watch on demand" device that provides surprisingly decent-looking video. It is great for watching TV series, much better than waiting for DVDs and wading through DVD menus. The quirky movie selection will inspire you to try out a wide range of things you might otherwise not watch. The overall selection isn't perfect, in particular,  the kids stuff that you can watch on demand is quite lacking. But all in all, it is well done.

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buttonwillowsix said...

Update: they just added a bunch of new kids stuff. Hooray!