09 September 2008

More Irradiated Greens

A follow up to my post on Zapped Food: you can leave the FDA a comment voicing your displeasure (as well as reading the actual text of the regulation) here on the strangely designed and worded Regulations.gov site. The comment period for this regulation ends on September 22nd, so get your comments in now!

Amanda Rose over at The Ethicurean wrote a nice article about Pasteurized Salad and made me feel both better (apparently the mechanisms are not yet in place to zap our leafy greens) and worse (check out the "friendly" irradiated greens logo! people might just fall for that!)

1 comment:

buttonwillowsix said...

This is supposed to be the symbol for ALL irradiated food. I checked the spices in my spice drawer and either my spices are not zapped, or they are improperly labeled. Hm.