29 July 2008

This Week's HFCS Roundup

There are some excellent articles out there in response to the campaign the corn sweetener industry has launched to keep us hopped on on HFCS. My favorite so far comes from Debra Eschmeyer, "High Fructose Corn Syrup Campaign Leaves a Sour Taste in My Mouth." 

Also good, and aimed more at the FDA's re-designation of HFCS as "natural", the Ethicurean's "Crimes against “natural”: FDA helps healthwash HFCS."

I was also pointed at a new campaign called "Dear high fructose corn syrup, please get out of US colas. Thanks, America" (Thanks, Clare!) which you can sign up to join on thepoint.com. This campaign is aimed at cola. There are some brands out there that have made the switch (some Hansen's sodas and Thomas Kemper, for example.) I applaud this effort, although I do think that the more insidious uses of HFCS are in things that we *don't* expect to be loaded with sweeteners.

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