13 July 2008

New Sticker Available on Zazzle

The new "cornier" HFCS warning label is now available at Zazzle. This one features more corn, more warning, a more alarming color, and a fatter corn-guy. Print-your-own warning label sheets will be coming soon.


Gudrun said...

I will definitely need to check this out - although to be honest, I am probably missing the joke. I am one of those anal foodies who checks labels obsessively for HFCS and partially hydrogenated oils. Hope you will still be my friend!

buttonwillowsix said...

I am also considering a THIS IS NOT FOOD sticker. A partially hydrogenated oils one would be good too!

Clare said...

This is great! Re-branding of soda cans everywhere should occur using this label!

Or we could work on getting HFCS out of soda companies.. here's an effort that's trying to do so!