05 July 2008

New Designs

I have been working on some new versions of my warning label.  When I originally made the label, I was looking for a graphic that was a combination of a side view of an ear of corn,  a radiation-like warning sign, and an unhappy fat guy. I felt that pretty much summed up the basics of high fructose corn syrup. I have been told that not all of these elements read perfectly well.

My next version was going to be a warning label for foods that have HFCS as the #1 ingredient (with a super-fat guy) and a separate label for kids (with a fat kid, of course!) as well as some posters. However, I thought I better perfect the basic graphic first. So here are some of my recent attempts. As you can see, I made the text a little simpler, added "warning" and made the head bigger (so the "fat-guy" would read better), and tried one with more corn, so that the "corn" aspect would read better.

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