28 May 2008

One of my favorite salads + tomatoes

This salad might be a little better without the little roasted tomatoes, but it was pretty nice with them, too.

The usual version of this salad (which I learned from a friend, Brian) is made with:

  • green beans
  • feta
  • dill
  • a little oil and vinegar
  • pepper
This can be chilled to make a great summer salad. But since I had all of these lovely roasted tomatoes, I decided to see what could be done.

I added my roasted tomatoes. I also added some red onions, slivered very thin and soaked in some red wine vinegar. With the saltiness of the feta and the acid of the tomatoes and the zip of the onions, the dill was a little overwhelmed. So if the dill is the appealing part, you might want to stick with the basics.

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